"Us" is really just me...

Hi! I'm Suzanne, a designer and artist, living in Dublin with my husband and two smallies.

I studied Visual Communications in DIT, worked in a boutique art & craft shop in Dublin and was manager of a small team in a reprographic design house for over 11 years. 

I started my venture into Oregano Designs way back in 2011 when I got engaged and looked into making my own wedding invitations. I made the invites, and then proceeded to DIY every single other wedding element I could think of!

I began to do bits and pieces for friends and family, gifts from me to them, for engagements or new babies or housewarmings. Pretty soon, they were asking me to do things for their own friends and my inventory grew from there. I love being asked the question "Do you think you could do this..?" as it's always an opportunity to challenge myself.

I took the leap into self-employment last year and have never looked back!

My main focus are personalised prints and illustrations as I think that adds something extra special and unique to the gift, it becomes one of a kind!

So, have a look around, send me any queries you might have or drop me a line on social media - I'm on Facebook and Instagram

S xx