Thirsty Script and Thirsty Rough - my vintage font obsession!

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Thirsty Script Free Font

Thirsty Rough Free Font

We all love a bit of vintage, right? Some say it's overdone, like that one song you keep hearing on the radio all the time, over and over and... you get the message. I suppose, to a degree, the 'hipster' movement has generated a love of all things alternative, indie, holistic and old-school. This is seen pretty much everywhere in logos and branding, especially for beard products, barber shops and health food restaurants, but you know what, I still love it. I don't think design can be overdone, it just comes and goes when it's needed.

I found these fantastic fonts - Thirsty Script & Thirsty Rough - from Yellow Design Studio, which are only available free from this site. The script version is solid and the rough version is texturized and comes in a huge amount of weight variations. It's everything I love about this style at the minute. I like to mix with an alternative sans serif (like Brandon) for maximum impact.

Don't be afraid to keep doing what looks good, use that beautiful vintage typeface if you want, in a couple of months time we'll be back using Comic Sans.

S x

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