My modern calligraphy journey begins...

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I've always LOVED calligraphy. It reminds me of my Nana who had such amazing handwriting. So precise and neat and just gorgeous.

Now, I don't mean to brag, but I won quite a few (primary school) handwriting competitions myself, (I know, right?) but never fully got that swoon-worthy penmanship down. I don't think I had the patience for it to be honest.

Then recently, something magical happened and I came across an Instagram page (seriously, what did we do before social media, or even the internet?!) called @lissletters, and it was just AWESOME. It had all the gorgeousness of old fashioned slanty-nib calligraphy, but it was so free and expressive and...bouncy!

I fell in love. I'm aware that this form of modern calligraphy has been around for years but I'm just getting on that band wagon now. So I got onto Amazon and Etsy and Scribbles and literally bought them up. Bought them aaaaaaallll up. As I was looking into it, I also happened upon embossing pens and metallic powders, heat tools and other glorious things like that.

I can't wait to start practising, and maybe in a couple of weeks you'll see some new delights right here!

S x

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