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At the moment, I'm working on a project for pizza boxes. ( They wanted something fairly simple but with a little bit of an Art Deco reference. I love everything about the 1920's 'style moderne' movement - the glitz and glamour, the diamonds and gold, clean lines, intricate patterns and geometric shapes. Every design looked clean, polished, expensive, nothing was mass produced.

When someone asks me to come up with something elegant and sophisticated it's the first thing I think of. In this modern day, it's also become synonymous with simplicity, style and has a trendy vibe about it. I feature a few of my beloved art deco fonts in my Timeline pieces, but I wanted something different for this particular project.

After a bit of researching, I found this gorgeous font called Metropolis 1920 over on fontfabric, and it's absolutely free. Love it. It was designed by Australian native Josip Kelava who, "using a double line technique, created an Art Deco style font that is bold and bumptious with a stolidly calm disposition”. I'm absolutely sure I'll be trying to sneak this font into multiple projects in the near future.

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