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So, as you can probably tell.. I like personalised things. Big surprise, I know. I love seeing my name on something, it makes it completely one of a kind. I know there are potentially millions of Suzanne's or SOR's out there but are they buying exactly what I'm buying? In the same colour, the same size, the same style? Who knows, but in my head, my merch is totally unique :)

My lovely husband bought me a new iPhone for our 5th anniversary (is that the technology year? lol) so I needed a new cover. I love Apple as much as the next person but we all know they fall down majorly on their model to model compatibility - the difference between the iPhone 6 and 7 is literally the smallest movement of the camera position rendering my old cover useless by millimetres, or whatever the one smaller than that is.

So, what can I do only get onto Etsy and feed my disappointment with online shopping. My short-lived disappointment it turns out. I found Joy Merryman's shop and it was a personalised phone cover WONDERLAND. There are more than a few shops offering personalised and non-personalised phone covers on Etsy, obviously, but this one ticked all the boxes.

It was slightly more expensive than I would normally have paid for a phone cover, but I knew it would be worth it and I was right. It fit perfectly, all the little bit and bobs were in the right place and it's beautifully made. I'm so happy with it and I keep telling people where to go when they ask where I got it.

When I posted the picture on Instagram and tagged Joy in it, she replied and it made my day. Such a small thing can make a massive difference to an experience.

I'm not being paid to say this, it's just my opinion and I thought I'd share it with you all!

S x

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